TransphormHighest Performance, Highest Reliability GaN

TDK’s New AC-DC 504 W Power Supply

Smaller. More efficient. Different.

Designed for harsh environments

Performance results over previous generations:
• 5% efficiency increase
• 30% increase in power density (100 W/in3)
• Runs 30% cooler
• Transphorm's quality and reliability

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The Defense Sector Drafts GaN

Marotta’s new conduction-cooled PSU replaces Silicon with GaN for:

• Conduction cooling, no fan required
• More than 2x the frequency
• Smaller system size
• Transphorm's quality and reliability

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• Over a quarter of a million devices shipped
• Over 1.3 billion field hours of operation realized
• High volume scalability available

The GaN Revolution is here.

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An Extreme Generator
Powered by Extreme Tech

The Kodiak Extreme: The first portable solar-powered
generator built with GaN.

• 33% more power
• 98% inverter efficiency
• Fast charging
• Water-resistant

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Smaller Power Systems
Bigger Power Supply Benefits

Delta’s 800W server PSU uses GaN to:

• Reduce system size
• Integrate a backup battery
• Maintain same CRPS form factor

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Transphorm's GaN
Optimizing Data Center
Power Efficiency

Data Center Frontier
Special Report

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Industry's first GaN
AC-DC Gaming power supply

  • CORSAIR's AX1600i uses Transphorm's GaN to achieve
    a 6.5% power density increase in a 11% smaller enclosure,
    delivering better-than 80 PLUS Titanium efficiency

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Industry's first GaN
AC-DC power supply

  • The only power supply with a totem-pole PFC
    design and GaN, delivering 80 PLUS efficiency,
    power density and performance reliability

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