TransphormHighest Performance, Highest Reliability GaN

Head-to-head comparison

Datasheets don’t tell
the whole story.

• SuperGan FET vs. e-mode FET
• 65 W USB PD charger application
• SuperGaN: higher efficiency, lower losses

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Sampling Soon from Fujitsu General Electronics

Industry’s First Small GaN Modules

2 Module Options: 4 GaN FETs or 6 GaN FETs

• Transphorm’s 650 V GaN FETs + integrated drive circuit
• Full-bridge configuration
• FGEL design and mounting modularization technology

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New Design Resource Now Available

65W USB-C PD GaN Adapter
Reference Design.

  • Active clamp flyback PWM controller
    with SuperGaN® FET
  • 30W/in3 Power Density
  • 94.5% Efficiency

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Teardown: Helpers Lab 65 W GaN Charger

Transphorm’s 240 mΩ FET
Outperforms e-mode GaN devices.

TP65H300G4LSG delivers 65 W performance with:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Higher power density

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No Two Wide Bandgap
Technologies Are The Same.

  • Greater Efficiency
  • Higher Power Operation
  • Lower Switching Losses
  • Lower Temperature Operation

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Early Life Failure Testing

What you don’t know about ELF
can harm your business.

It’s the metric most often missing in GaN reliability reports.
Don’t risk your reputation on incomplete data.
Know what to ask for. Know what it means.

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Six Server Power Supplies, One GaN Platform

Bel Power’s Titanium
TET Series Family
for Data Centers

• 1.5 – 3.2 kW product options
• > 96% efficiency (≥ 99% PFC efficiency)
• 31.7 – up to 62 W/in3 power density

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Sampling now!

Introducing the first
SuperGaN™ Gen V FET

  • World’s lowest packaged on-resistance
  • Delivers 25% lower power loss over SiC
  • Designed for Electric Vehicle power
    applications and more

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High Voltage GaN Devices You Can Trust

Industry-Leading GaN Reliability

• Field Reliability Rate: < 1 FIT
• Early Life Failure Rate: < 1 FIT
• Field Operation Hours: > 10B

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New Evaluation Board

4 kW Bridgeless Totem-pole PFC Board
With Microchip’s dsPIC®

• > 99% efficiency
• Pre-programmed firmware
• Microchip dev tools, global support access

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TDTTP4000W065AN Evaluation Board

GaN Using Analog Control
for Bridgeless Totem-pole PFC

• Suitable for Standard CCM Boost topology
• > 99% efficient SuperGaN™ 650 V FETs
• Simpler power system design

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Transphorm prioritizes Quality + Reliability. To ensure our Q+R, we innovate at each stage within the FET development process—design, fabrication, device, and application support. The result? Customers produce groundbreaking, high performing GaN-based products that reimagine what’s possible with power. Welcome to the GaN Revolution.