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Transphorm GaN Performance

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Failures per Billion Hours (FIT)

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Field Reliability Data


Parts per Million per Year (PPM)

Quality + Reliability (Q+R)

In January 2019, Transphorm released the industry’s first complete validation data set for high voltage GaN power FETs.

That data set includes:

  • Product Qualification results (JEDEC and AEC-Q101)
  • Extended Testing results (high voltage switching, single event burnout, HTOL, and HTGB)
  • Intrinsic Lifetime results (wear-out)
  • Extrinsic Early Lifetime Failure results (PPM and FIT)
  • Field Reliability results (PPM and FIT)

Device-specific qualification reports can be downloaded from our product pages.

Quality + Reliability Webinar

High voltage GaN transistors increase power density while reducing system size and cost. However, GaN FET validation differs from that of Silicon FETs.

Listen to Transphorm’s Q+R expert as he explains how GaN devices should be validated; the target baseline results for infant mortality, FIT rates, etc.; and how these metrics impact end systems.

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