Transphorm最高性能, 最可靠的GaN

White Paper

Normally-Off D-Mode GaN
vs. E-Mode GaN

  • Normally-off D-Mode GaN harnesses GaN’s natural benefits,
    whereas e-mode makes performance compromises.

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Superior GaN Solutions
Powering Adapters to Electric Vehicle Systems

We’re Leading
the EV GaN Revolution.

Visit us in Hall 2, Booth E2D31 to learn why.

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New Solar Energy Application

World’s First Integrated
Microinverter PV Systems
Use Transphorm GaN

  • SolarUnit models: 800 W, 920 W, 1500 W
  • 150 mΩ + 70 mΩ Transphorm FETs
  • Power Stages: DC-to-DC and DC-to-AC
  • Peak efficiency: 97.3 % average

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GaN Robustness Milestone

Transphorm FET
Demonstrates 5 μs SCWT

  • 12 kW max power output
  • 99.2% peak efficiency
  • Meets servo motor, industrial motor,
    and automotive powertrain requirement

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Application Note

Low-Cost Driver Solution

  • Pairs with SuperGaN FETs
  • Delivers Up to 99% Efficiency
  • Further Reduces Low- to
    Mid-Power System Costs

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New Design Resources

1200 V GaN FET Device
Model & Datasheet

  • Verilog-A simulation model
  • Proven 98.7% efficiency
  • Supports next generation
    3-phase and EV power sysetms

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Product Portfolio Additions

Six New Devices in
Industry Standard Packages

  • Pin-to-pin compatible with e-mode GaN devices
  • Proven higher performance and reliability
  • SuperGaN d-mode two-switch normally-off platform

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Third Evaluation Board with Microchip Support

3 kW Inverter Board With
Microchip Digital
Signal Controller

  • ~99% power efficiency 
  • Non-isolated full bridge topology 
  • Microchip dev tools, global support access 

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New Integrated GaN Device

Weltrend SuperGaN SiP

  • Multi-mode flyback PWM controller +
    240 mΩ SuperGaN® FET
  • Power density of 26 W/in3
  • Supports 45 to 100 W USB-C
    power adapters

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ChargerLAB Teardown

Laptop Charger

  • TP65H300G4LSG SuperGaN® FET
  • Dual USB-C PD PPS fast charger
  • Labeled “Powerfully Petite” and
    “Tiny but Mighty”

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New Design Resource

240W Power Adapter
Reference Design

  • 650V 150mΩ SuperGaN FET
  • 96% peak power efficiency
  • 30 W/in3 power density
  • CCM Boost PFC + Half Bridge LLC topology

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Head-to-head comparison

Datasheets don’t tell
the whole story.

• SuperGan FET vs. e-mode FET
• 65 W USB PD charger application
• SuperGaN: higher efficiency, lower losses

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No Two Wide Bandgap
Technologies Are The Same.

  • Greater Efficiency
  • Higher Power Operation
  • Lower Switching Losses
  • Lower Temperature Operation

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Transphorm prioritizes Quality + Reliability. To ensure our Q+R, we innovate at each stage within the FET development process—design, fabrication, device, and application support. The result? Customers produce groundbreaking, high performing GaN-based products that reimagine what’s possible with power. Welcome to the GaN Revolution.