Transphorm最高性能, 最可靠的GaN

Third Evaluation Board with Microchip Support

3 kW Inverter Board With
Microchip Digital
Signal Controller

  • ~99% power efficiency 
  • Non-isolated full bridge topology 
  • Microchip dev tools, global support access 

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New Integrated GaN Device

Weltrend SuperGaN SiP

  • Multi-mode flyback PWM controller +
    240 mΩ SuperGaN® FET
  • Power density of 26 W/in3
  • Supports 45 to 100 W USB-C
    power adapters

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One Core Platform,
Crossing the Power Spectrum

We’re leading
the GaN Revolution.

Visit us at Booth 853 to learn why.

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ChargerLAB Teardown

Laptop Charger

  • TP65H300G4LSG SuperGaN® FET
  • Dual USB-C PD PPS fast charger
  • Labeled “Powerfully Petite” and
    “Tiny but Mighty”

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New Design Resource

240W Power Adapter
Reference Design

  • 650V 150mΩ SuperGaN FET
  • 96% peak power efficiency
  • 30 W/in3 power density
  • CCM Boost PFC + Half Bridge LLC topology

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Another Milestone

Our GaN Reliability
Just Got Better

  • < 0.1 FIT
  • 85 billion hours of field operation
  • Low and high power breakdown available

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Supply Contract Awarded

Novel Four-Quadrant GaN Switch

  • Bidirectional current flow
  • Bidirectional voltage control
  • 650V device in 4-pin TO-247 package

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SuperGaN® Reference Design Portfolio

Kick-Start USB-C PD
Power Adapter Development

  • 45W to 140W adapters
  • Open frame design tools
  • ≥ 93.5% power efficiency

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New 2C1A SuperGaN® Power Adapter

65W 3-Port USB-C Adapter

  • UDB PD and PPS functionality
  • 17% lower power loss
  • 240 mΩ PQFN88 GaN FET

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GaN in High Reliability Medical Devices

Li-ion Battery Power
Storage System

  • 650V 35 mΩ GaN FET
  • 99% power efficiency
  • 73% reduction in power loss
  • Fanless, hermetically sealed system

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New Higher Power Surface Mount Device

SuperGaN® FET in a D2PAK

  • 50 mOhm typical on-resistance
  • ±20 Vmax gate robustness, 4V threshold
  • For data center, broad industrial systems

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New High Efficiency Compute PSU

Boco Electronics’
3.6 kW Power Supply

  • Uses SuperGaN® Gen IV FETs
  • Achieves 96% power efficiency
  • Designed for demanding applications,
    rugged environments

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GaN Technology Preview

99% Efficiency with
New 1200V FET

  • Rivals SiC solutions
  • Optimized for Electric Vehicle
    and Renewable systems
  • To be introduced at ISPSD 2022

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TDK-Lambda Expands PF500F Series

99% GaN Increases
Modules’ Power Density

  • 72 mΩ PQFN device
  • 38% power density increase
  • 6% power efficiency increase

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SuperGaN® Design Innovation

Qualcomm Quick Charge 5
Compliant Adapter.

• 100 W USB-C PD PPS charger
• 0 to 50% charge in 5 minutes
• Used in both AC to DC (PFC) and DC to DC (QRF) topologies

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Head-to-head comparison

Datasheets don’t tell
the whole story.

• SuperGan FET vs. e-mode FET
• 65 W USB PD charger application
• SuperGaN: higher efficiency, lower losses

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No Two Wide Bandgap
Technologies Are The Same.

  • Greater Efficiency
  • Higher Power Operation
  • Lower Switching Losses
  • Lower Temperature Operation

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New Evaluation Board

4 kW Bridgeless Totem-pole PFC Board
With Microchip’s dsPIC®

• > 99% efficiency
• Pre-programmed firmware
• Microchip dev tools, global support access

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Transphorm Wire


Transphorm prioritizes Quality + Reliability. To ensure our Q+R, we innovate at each stage within the FET development process—design, fabrication, device, and application support. The result? Customers produce groundbreaking, high performing GaN-based products that reimagine what’s possible with power. Welcome to the GaN Revolution.