Transphorm最高性能, 最可靠的GaN

Now In Production: TP90H050WS

900 Volt GaN FETs

• 1000 V transient rating
• 10 kW output in a half bridge topology
• 50 mOhm typical on-resistance

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Highest Quality, Highest Reliability GaN

Now Trading on the Market

• Symbol: TGAN

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PCIM Virtual Booth

Virtual Booth Exhibit

Hosted in HY-LINE’s Aktive & Passive Bauteile Room

  • SuperGaN™ FETs
  • 4 kW Totem-pole PFC Evaluation Board
    with Microchip's dsPIC® Digital Power PIM
  • Technical Videos

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Increased Performance, Same Trusted Reliability

Introducing SuperGaN™ Power FETs

• Gen IV GaN platform
• +/- 20 V gate robustness*
• 4 V threshold*

*35 mΩ FET ratings; 240 mΩ FET also available

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New Evaluation Board

4 kW Bridgeless Totem-pole PFC Board
With Microchip’s dsPIC®

• > 99% efficiency
• Pre-programmed firmware
• Microchip dev tools, global support access

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HZZH’s Flagship 3 kW ZHR483KS

Telecom’s Ultra-Efficient
GaN Power Module

• 98% efficiency
• 42 V to 58 V power output
• Swappable with standardly configured modules

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Aviation’s First Passively Cooled
(Fanless) 420 W Power Supply


• 10% more efficient than competition
• 3 lbs product weight
• Airbus A318-A321, A330, A340, A380
• Boeing B767, B787 VIP

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The Only GaN FETs Qualified
to Power Tomorrow’s
Power Adapters


Transphorm Wire


Transphorm prioritizes Quality + Reliability. To ensure our Q+R, we innovate at each stage within the FET development process—design, fabrication, device, and application support. The result? Customers produce groundbreaking, high performing GaN-based products that reimagine what’s possible with power. Welcome to the GaN Revolution.