Transphorm最高性能, 最可靠的GaN

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Power Adapter (Open Frame) Reference Designs

Part Number Topology Output(s) Power (W) Frequency (kHz) Power Density (W/in3) GaN FET(s)
TDADP-SIL-USBC-65W-RD Active Clamp Flyback USB-C PD 65 Up to 140 30 TP65H300G4LSG

GaN Efficiency

Need for speed—GaN operates at higher frequencies with up to 4x faster switching to lower crossover losses and increase system efficiency

Feel the power—GaN in a totem-pole configuration lowers component count and EMI filter size to deliver the same power in a smaller footprint

Smaller, lighter, cooler—Higher efficiency and increased power density means lower overall system cost