Transphorm最高性能, 最可靠的GaN

Cascode vs. e-mode

Our Q+R is in large part enabled by our design choice. Today, cascode is the only configuration proven to enable GaN in real-world applications. Transphorm’s GaN is backed by extensive lifetime, quality and reliability data—unavailable with other configurations today, such as pGaN e-mode.

Not all GaN is alike.

Comparing Transphorm cascode to today’s e-mode.

Attribute Cascode (Transphorm)* e-mode (market)*
Quality, reliability, lifetime performance Extended JEDEC, AEC-Q101, lifetime testing Not available
Device breakdown voltage (TJ = 150°C) 650 V (qualified), 1200 V (measured) 450 V and 600 V (measured
Maximum transient protection 800 V 750 V
Gate drive safety margin (RON @ VGS) 10 V 1 V
Gate drive noise immunity 4.0 V (typical) 1.7 V (typical)
Negative gate drive required No Yes
Slew rate control Yes Yes
Reverse conduction operation (VSD) 2.2 V to 2.6 V 6 V to 9 V (defined by gate drive)
Saturation current limit (TJ = 150°C) > 3x higher than e-mode Reduced channel and gate charge
Paralleling Up to two TO-XXX devices More than two devices possible
FOM (RON * QOSS) Industry standard Minimal increase with reduced Q+R
Die size Industry standard Smaller with reduced Q+R
Thermal performance (72 mΩ) 50°C at 1500 W
83°C at 2526 W
80°C at 1500 W

*Unless specified, data is based on a 50 mΩ device.

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